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Top 20 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Beginner


Top 20 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Beginner

I used to be at all times attracted by the colour and the wonderful design that may very well be conceived out of it. Little did I do know that women by nature develop an intimate bond with mehndi or extra particularly henna.

However my penchant for this explicit type of conventional physique artwork grew a lot that over the time I practiced this artwork and really quickly I grew to become a preferred mehndi artist in my circle.

Whether or not it’s my good friend’s wedding ceremony or we now have a household wedding ceremony, I’m the primary particular person bride seems to be for as she feels I’m her final savior on her mehndi ceremony.

History of mehndi in India

Having mentioned that allow’s have a fast information switch on how mehndi paved its method into Indian tradition.

The origin of this basic design most likely sprung up within the desert areas of Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat. The story goes that individuals residing within the Desert coated their arms and ft with a paste produced from crushed henna leaves. They observed that so long as the colour held, their physique temperature remained low. The ladies quickly wearied of monotonous reddish-brown palms and experimented with a single central dot and a number of other smaller dots. That small innovation opened the artistic floodgates—ensuing within the complexity of henna designs at present.

It’s extensively believed that Mughals introduced henna to India in twelfth century A.D. And by sixteenth century it was commonplace within the nation throughout Akbar period.

Significance of mehndi in marriage

Significance of mehndi in marriage

Mehndi signifies the bond of marriage, a promise each the bride and groom are going to observe it religiously all all through their lives. Thought-about as a ‘shagun’, it signifies the love between the couple and their households.

Here are some popular beliefs associated with this ceremony!

  • The darker is the colour of mehndi on bride’s hand, the deeper would be the love of groom for his bride
  • The henna shade additionally depicts the love and understanding between the bride and her mom-in-regulation
  • The longer the mehndi retains its shade, the extra auspicious it’s for the newlyweds
  • Mehndi can be deemed to be a symbolic illustration of fertility

Since henna has now grow to be an integral a part of a number of cultural traditions throughout varied states in India, the artists of each area use a set of symbols to suggest feelings and expressions.

Listed here are a few of the fashionable symbols and blessings used inside mehndi art. Do take a look!

For palm – Designs invoke photos of opening and providing and often solar, flower, mandala and gota components are used.

For back of hand – Often single strains of branches adorned with leaves or flowers are used and generally a central wheel with intricate designs are additionally used.

New Mehndi Designs

Significance and symbols of mehndi design

Peacock – stands for beauty

Swan – stands for success

Bird – stands for messengers (between heaven and earth)

Butterfly – stands for transformation

Parrot – stands for messengers of love

Dragonfly – stands for rebirth

Fish – stands for woman’s eyes

Scorpion – stands for love and romance

Flower – stands for joy and happiness

Vines and leaves – stand for longevity, devotion, perseverance, entwined lives and vitality

Snake – stands for seekers of enlightenment

Tortoise – stands for defense and fertility

Lotus Blossom – stands for grace, beauty, creativity, sensuality, femininity and purity

Sun, Moon and Stars – stand for deep and lasting love between lovers/partners

Paiselys – stands for fertility and good luck

Bud – stands for brand new starting after marriage and a new life

ZigZag – stands for rain

Ripples – stands for running water, which purifies and brings life

Sq. – stands for magical, used to heal and protect the sick

Simple mehndi designs to try upon

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns

Wrist mehndi design

wrist mehndi design

Indian mehndi design

Indian mehandi design

Easy mehndi design

simple mehandi design

Stunning design for mehndi

beautiful design for mehandi

Mehndi for events

Mehndi for occassions

Mehndi for old patterns

Mehndi for old patternsIndian easy mehndi design picture

indian simple mehndi design picture

Stunning Mehndi design for Hand back

Beautiful Mehndi design for Hand back

Easy Mehndi Designs for Women

Simple Mehndi Designs for Women

Traditional touch Mehndi Design

traditional touch Mehndi Design

 Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs 2015

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs 2014

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Arms

Arabic Mehndi Designs For Hands

Easy mehndi designs for hands

easy mehndi designs for hands

Feminine design mehndi

feminine design mehandi

Back hand mehndi designs

back hand mehndi designs

Black mehndi design

black mehandi design

Karva Chauth and engagement parties

Karva Chauth and engagement parties

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs for women

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs for girls

New Bridal Mehndi Designs for Ladies

New Bridal Mehndi Designs For Women

Hope you loved this post! Do tell us your favourite designs from this post and we’ll show you how to with a tutorial.