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Top 15 Nutritious Foods to Fight Aging


Top 15 Nutritious Foods to Fight Aging

Everyone loves looking young. All we want in life to be happy is a good looking and healthy skin. But a we cross our late adolescent age, we see fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes appearing on our faces. We also experience other signs of ageing like body and muscle pain. Many of us also tend to use many expensive anti ageing creams as well as pills or face packs, but still we fail to fight ageing on skin. Many people also tend to go extreme by doing Botox and face upliftment, which can have serious side effects with the laser. Instead of all these remedies, you can also fight ageing with the help of a nutritious diet. This nutritious diet can include the following:

Green leafy vegetables to Fight Aging

  1. Green leafy vegetables are one of the best foods which will help you fight ageing as     they contain iron and calcium, which are best for your skin as well as preventing           ageing of bones.
  2. Whole grains like wheat, barley and oats are other foods which will help you fight         ageing and wrinkles because they have a lot of antioxidant as well as nutritious             properties.
  3. Berries like blueberry, strawberries and mulberries are the foods which contain             proteins which can help you tone your muscles as well as your face. They are great       in taste too!
  4. Using Olive oil in your food instead of regular vegetable cooking oil will also help you     control ageing. It will prevent hair loss and avoid heart diseases too.
  5. Tomatoes, which contain lycopene, an important nutrient to fight anti ageing can be     included in the regular diet in order to fight ageing.
  6. Nuts and dry fruits like walnuts as well as dates and almonds contain healthy fats         and proteins, which will help you, keep away from all the signs of ageing.
  7. Grapes are another very effective source of anti ageing nutrients. It is a huge source     anti inflammatory ingredients, which help getting away with common signs of             ageing.
  8. Fresh salad always keeps a man younger and fit. Salad like cucumber, tomato, carrot     helps you to keep away from signs of ageing.
  9. Different types of teas can also be consumed for fighting the signs of ageing. Among     all the teas, green tea is said to be the most effective one.
  10. Spices like turmeric and ginger powder are sources of anti inflammatory                       compounds, which help fight heart diseases and cholesterol, which occur mostly           with ageing.
  11. Oranges are also a very good source of Vitamin C, which helps you reduce the signs       of ageing on your face.
  12. Include yogurt or curd in your diet, as it helps fight components in your body               which cause early signs of ageing.
  13. Eating eggs regularly also helps you fight regular infections and maintain your             health which in turn helps fight signs of ageing.
  14. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is one of the most effective foods to fight       ageing, as it helps you do away with skin and health problems.
  15. Avoid using any chemical anti ageing methods, as they can cause long term side            effects. Stay young, stay beautiful.