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Top 15 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles


Top 15 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles

The wedding season is on. Every girl desires to look like a princess on her wedding. From head to toe, everything must go perfect. The trousseau, the hair and the make-up are however the most important elements that enhance the beauty of the bride. The hair is however the most important section while dressing up the bride and should always be taken seriously. On this note, we present you the top 15 gorgeous Indian Bridal Hairstyles that would make the bride look more beautiful and would add glamour in her looks.

Hairstyle No. 1: The Classic Bun 

indian Classic Bun hairstyle

The Classic Bun to what we call a Juda is the most looked-upon bridal hairstyle for the reasons like it enhances your neck-line making your jewellery more visible to the people. Also it gives you a beautiful look since you can wear your maang-teeka which would complement your bun. All you need to do is to roll up your hair very finely and later to attach pins very neatly as to avoid any hassle. This look is very famous among the Indian brides and they usually prefer tying up their hair into a classic bun. You can also add a number of accessories to your bun.

Hairstyle No. 2: Messy Bun

indian messy bun hairstyle

Gone are the days where the brides would only opt for a neat bun-look. The messy fashion is evolving and so are the hair styles of our Indian brides. Now, the brides are looking forward to choosing some bold looks like a messy bun that would give them a sexy look. This bun is losely made as to make your hair look a little messy. The messy bun goes well with dark eyes and light jewellery. This look gives you a bold and a sexy look.

Hairstyle No. 3: Braids

Indian Braids hairstyle

Most of the Indian brides choose braids as the most appropriate hairstyles for their weddings. The braid is indeed one of the best hairstyles out of the top 15 Indian gorgeous bride hairstyles. You only need to section your hair well and tie them into a knot. This gives you a very Indian look and therefore it goes well on Indian dresses like saarees. This hairstyle is the best for the bride with long and thick hair. The brides with short hair do not need to worry as there is a huge variety of artificial braids available in the markets too. You can also put a number of accessories in your braid, making it look more beautiful.

Hairstyle No. 4: French Bun

French Bun hairstyle

A French Bun is something that goes well on every kind of look of an Indian Bride. Whether its a Sangeet or a Cocktail party or a wedding reception, the french bun is going to make you look very pretty in all your events. This bun differs from the classic Indian bun as it is made by twisting a particular section of hair. This bun gives you a very clean look and you can also add glamour to your french bun by creating a bouffant.

Hairstyle No. 5: Braided Bun

Braided Bun hairstyle

The braided bun is the new cool. As the name suggests, this bun is made firstly by tying a braid into your hair and then rolling them up to form a bun. Yes, this look is so much in all these days. You can now try a variety of different braids and can form them into a beautiful bun. This look goes well with heavy as well as light make up. It enhances the beauty of your look and makes your hair look very nicely sectioned. The braided bun is one of the best of the top 15 gorgeous bridal Indian hairstyles and adds glamour to your looks.

Hairstyle No. 6: Side Bun

Side Bun hairstyle

One of the best hairstyles for the wedding is the side bun. Yes, you can now create a bun on either side of your shoulder and this hairstyle would give you a perfect look for a wedding. The side bun is the best option for the wedding functions like cocktail party or a sangeet. Roll your hair up and tie them into a bun on any side of your shoulder. This look goes well with light lips and dark eyes and is perfect for an evening event. So, forget the classic bun and try the new side bun for a bold look. A flower on the other side of the bun would add pompom to your look.

Hairstyle No. 7: High Bun

High Bun Hairstyle

A high bun is what is considered as a bold style statement. Now you can experience the bolder and sexier looks by rolling up your hair and tying them into a high bun. This look goes well on the Cocktail parties. You can tie a high bun and can enhance your neck line to give yourself a bolder statement. Gone are the days when the Indian brides only choose the typical Indian looks. Now you can tie a high bun with those dark eyes that would give you a bold and a sexy look.

Hairstyle No. 8: Loose curls

Loose curls hairstyle

Curls are always the object of desire of the Indian brides. Curls are beautiful and they add glitter to your look always. You can now try loose curls for your Indian wedding. All you need is a tong and thus you can get your hair curled really well. This look goes well with an Indo-western outfit like evening gowns. Thus, do not hesitate letting your hair open for a while. This hairstyle would definitely give you a pretty look to die for.

Hairstyle No. 9: Pin curls

Pin curls hairstyle

Like the loose curls, there are pin curls too. Pin curls are neater and more beautiful. This hairstyle gives you a beautiful look since your hair is neatly defined into fin curly tresses. Pick up a curling rod and iron your hair into pin curls. This look goes well on an Indian outfit like a saaree and also on an evening gown. So, get ready for a pretty look. Try pin curls for your bridal look today. This is more of a natural curly look.

Hairstyle No. 10: Open blow dried hair

Open blow dried hairstyle

Some brides always prefer to keep their hair simple but make up loud. This hairstyle is the best suited hairstyle in this regard. Now you only need to get a blow-dry to your hair and keep it open on your big day. This open hair look is the modern Indian bridal look and goes well with all kinds of Indian outfits.

Hairstyle No. 11: The side braid

The side braid hairstyle

You can try a variety of different braids on your D-day. The side braid is one of them. Like there is a side bun for your beautiful hair, there is a side braid too. You can now tie a side braid on either side of your shoulder and can add different hair accessories on the other side. This look is so much in vogue today.

Hairstyle No. 12: Soft layered curls with side-swept bangs

Soft layered curls with side-swept bangs hairstyle

In order to enhance your haircut, you can now try the soft layered curls. You can curl your hair into neat layers accompanied by side bangs that would give you a barbie-doll look on your wedding day. This look would go best with minimal make-up.

Hairstyle No. 13: Open hair with a puffy-top

Open hair with a puffy-top hairstyle

Puffy top is the flavour of the season. Now you can let your hair open leaving a puffy top. This look is a retro look and you can add glamour to your look by applying a winged eye-liner. This gorgeous look is for all those short brides, who desire to look taller on their big day.

Hairstyle No. 14: Finger-wave curls bun

Finger-wave curls bun hairstyle

You can now tie a bun with finger wave curls that would give you a vintage look. This look goes well with an evening gown and can be made on a cocktail party or a reception night.

Hairstyle No. 15:  Semi high wrapped twisted hair

Semi high wrapped twisted hairstyle

This hairstyle would give you a twisted hair. Made using a lot of sections into your hair, you can try this hairdo that would give you a messy look. The twisted hair would add beauty to your look. This look goes well on dresses like cocktail dress or an evening gown. Try this hairdo with minimal make up.

Every bride desires to look perfect on her D-day. Try these top 15 gorgeous Indian bridal hairstyles and get dolled up for your wedding reception. The girls are going to envy you and your man would not take his eyes off you.