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Tips To Shave Your Legs


Tips To Shave Your Legs

With summer time fast approaching I guess we’re all excited for sunny days, picnics on the seaside, sundresses and shorts. We could love summer season garments and getting our legs out nonetheless that leaves us dreading one factor particularly – shaving our legs. Constantly. Let’s face it, no man goes to search out our winter bear legs engaging and more often than not we don’t both. If solely shaving had been simple…If you’re something like me (or me earlier than I did all this analysis!) you’ll minimize your self continually, be left with random, irritating bits of stubble and a removed from good completed outcome. Thankfully, these days are over for me although and they are often for you too with assistance from these ten helpful suggestions and methods.

B. ALWAYS Use Warm Water

Tips To Shave Your Legs

One of the most important errors girls make when shaving their legs is utilizing chilly or merely tepid water. Using warm to scorching water softens your pores and skin and your hairs, making them supple and simpler to shave. You’ll discover your razor glides over your pores and skin a lot simpler and with higher outcomes should you use this tip.

2. Don’t Rush Into Shaving

dont rush

Following on from utilizing heat water, you should give your legs time to soak it up. Instead of shaving your legs as quickly as you get within the bathtub or the bathe, wash your hair and cleaning soap your body first. By the time you come to shaving your legs your hairs might be tender and prepared to your razor.

3. Soap It Up


Okay, so I did not truly imply that, it simply made for title. When shaving your legs you must keep away from utilizing cleaning soap in any respect prices as this will dry out your pores and skin. Instead use a specialized shaving gel and rub it right into a thick foam throughout your pores and skin earlier than utilizing the razor. Here’s a useful tip – in case you’re out of shaving gel you may substitute for conditioner. It makes your legs tremendous clean and your razor will simply glide throughout your legs whereas shaving. Plus it’s cheaper too!

4. A Clean Shave

clean shave

They say you must by no means shave in opposition to the course of your hair development however, from private expertise, you’re fairly secure to do that with regards to your legs. Place your razor on your ankle and gently let it glide up your leg in the direction of your knee. This will end in a clean, clear shave.

5. Rinse Between Strokes


Always rinse your razor blade between strokes to maintain it clear and sharp. This removes any hairs and extra cleaning soap which may otherwise get in the way in which whilst you’re shaving and trigger a rash. While we’re with regards to razor blades, ensure the one you utilize is all the time sharp. I change my blade as soon as every week simply to make certain and it leads to a a lot smoother shave. Also, hold the blade moist whereas shaving too.

6. Exfoliate


Exfoliating earlier than you shave means you’re eradicating lifeless pores and skin out of your legs and elevating hairs so that you get a cleaner, nearer shave. It’s a easy step however one which shouldn’t be missed. I additionally like to softly exfoliate my legs once more after I’ve shaved, simply to get an excellent clean end.

7. Position Yourself

position yourself

For a neater shave both sit on the sting of your tub or on the bathe seat and prop your leg up. If you aren’t capable of do it strive resting your leg on one thing to raise it barely. Wherever you place your self simply ensure you’re secure – you don’t need to slip and minimize your self!

8. When Shaving Your Thighs

shaving your things

Shaving your thighs is essentially the most difficult a part of shaving however sadly needs must. Position your self just like you’d when shaving your lower leg and run your razor out of your knee to the top of your leg, ensuring to go all the way in which around you leg. Exfoliating is often twice as essential on your thighs and is crucial if you wish to get a clean shave.

9. Rinse

rinse 11

Once you’re carried out shaving don’t overlook to rinse your legs with warm water. This removes any extra shaving foam, lifeless pores and skin and hairs, leaving your legs silky easy and provide.

10. Moisturise


We’ve lastly completed shaving our legs and have reached the ultimate tip! To actually take advantage of your shave and make sure you get supple, silky pores and skin afterwards apply a small quantity of moisturiser to your legs. You can use regular moisturiser however I extremely suggest you purchase one which both slows down the speed of hair development (Yes, these do exist! Miracles do occur!) or, my private favorite, buy an in-bathe moisturiser. In bathe moisturisers are fab, you simply wash them on and wash them off. My legs have by no means been as mushy as when I began utilizing them!