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The Best workouts for wedding for every bride


The Best workouts for wedding for every bride

Dear brides! Your wedding is your special day. All you want it to be perfect, by looking dazzling and beautiful. Pre-wedding days makes the bride busy in socializing and shopping. Thus she find very less time to care for her beauty and figure. Going to the gym and parlour a day or two before the wedding will not bring about a drastic change. You need to give a little time a month before, to look as you desire. Do not worry, here we have some very easy and simple and the best wedding workout tips for every bride. So just follow them and look fresh and in perfect shape on your dream day:

Tip number 1- Power Yoga:

Power Yoga

You will not only lose weight, but this best wedding workout tip for every bride will also give their body a perfect shape. Power yoga detoxifies your body, making you look slimmer. Dear brides invest a little time on power yoga to have a perfect glowing skin and a cheerful mood.

Tip number 2- inhale and exhale:

inhale and exhale - yoga

Yes! You are right, here we suggest you to practice pranayam. Just 5 minutes daily. Pre wedding days are full of stress and anxiety. So brides you need mental peace and relaxation to look bright. Pranayam is a perfect solution.

Tip number 3- no salt!

Salt helps in retaining water in your body. Thus can make you feel very heavy. So keep yourselves away from salty food. Specially 8-10 hours before the main function. Do not forget to take deep breathes before main hours. You can drink juices such as cranberry juice. Also drink plenty of water, to flush out fluids from your body.

Tip number 4- keep moving, jog:

keep moving - Jogging

We know that brides are already stressed out during pre wedding days! Therefore instead of fast and tiring running, jogging seems like a perfect idea. It is leisurely and imposes less stress on your body. 10 minutes of jog for 15 days, can be the secret of a bride’s physical fitness.

Tip number 5- crunches!

crunche exercise

We know, all the brides are ready to wear designer and fashionable lehengas and chollies. But, what if there is flab hanging out of your waist! To spoil your glamorous look. So here we have one of the many exciting best wedding workout tips for every bride. Just 20 counts of crunches every day will give the entire brides flat toned belly. Crunches also increase your flexibility. So you can walk faster in your heels.

Tip number 6- A V shaped back:

To wear cool and trendy back less and round back blouses, a bride must have flat toned back. This will add to her chick flick look. So just give 15 minutes to bend over one arm barbell rows and follow few dead lifts.

Tip number 7- Toned bones:

How perfect will it look! When a bride’s necklace will shine over her visible collar bone. So just lift some light weight dumbles to get a perfectly carved shoulder and collar bones.

Tip number 8- Few Asana:

Suryanamaskar asana

Dear brides, get ready for a cat walk on your aisle. To lose fats on the hip, just practice Kandhrasana and Surya asana for 5 minutes daily!

So get set go brides! Make your auspicious day special and glamorous by following our easy and the best wedding workout for every bride.