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Permanent makeup for brides


Permanent makeup for brides

You would not want to waste yours in indulging in long and tiring makeup sessions and irritating frequent touch-ups. Especially, when it comes to your wedding, all you want is, to look the best, with no frills involved! And, why just stop at the D-day? Don’t you wish to look your best even for your honeymoon getaway, and all those months when people wish to meet the newlyweds again and again? Here is a solution for all of this- permanent makeup, which endows you with an opportunity to keep yourself embellished for a really long time, literally.

It involves permanent eyebrow shaping, permanent eye lining, permanent lip colouring, permanent beauty spot, and much more. All of this saves a to-be bride’s time, energy and money, which she can spend on various other necessary acts– as we all know that wedding shopping never ends! So, take a look at what all you can get done if you opt for permanent makeup solutions.

Permanent Eyebrow Shaping

Well-shaped eyebrows are the best assets of an Indian bride, as they highlight the eyes like nothing else. But, not everyone is blessed with those dark and bushy sets of brows. So, if you keep playing with your eyebrow pencils every time you have to go out, then this one is just for you. The process will highlight your brows, helping you escape the tension of going for threading, regularly.

Permanent Eyebrow Shaping

This also helps in correcting all the noticeable irregularities or cuts in your brow hair. And, well-set arcs mean that you grab your man’s attention with just one look. Also, after this, you will be all set to face those cameras much more confidently, anyplace and anytime.

Permanent Liner/Kohl

They say eyes are the mirror to the heart, so add some black magic to them to make your man go crazy! Also, if you are amongst those who always end up messing up with their liner or kohl while applying them; bring out the sensuousness in you by going for permanent eyeliner and/or kohl application.

Permanent liner

Even those girls who wear spectacles and lenses can benefit from this procedure. What’s more? Your eye makeup is sure to sparkle even when you are just out of bed or anywhere outside. With this, you will save a lot of your morning time, which can be spent in a much better way, with him.

 Permanent Lip Colouring

Make your D-day and honeymoon more special with permanent lip colouring. Apart from just being your route to rosy lips, this method also makes your pout appear larger and more luscious than before.

Permanent Lip Colourning

You can also line your lips in order to make them look bigger and, make your partner go wow. Outlining of the lips will help you when you are falling short of time, and in a rush to colour your lips. With permanent lip colouring, there is no need to stash your purse with all those different lip colours, whenever you go out. You can choose your favourite shade or hue; so that during your wedding, and even after that, all eyes are on you.

Permanent Beauty Spot

Remember Rekha’s beauty spot, just above her lips, or the one that Marilyn Monroe had on her left cheek. That one spot was enough to make countless men swoon over these stunning divas.

Permanent Beauty Spot

Have you also ever wished for a tiny mole here or there on your face, to make you look more striking than ever? Now, stop dreaming, as “permanent makeup genie” grants your wish. Yes, you can get a beauty spot on your face, forever!

Note: Permanent makeup lasts for up to15 years; except for lip colouring, which stays for 3-4 months only.

Permanent Makeup Expert at Angel Makeup Beauty Salon, “Permanent makeup has a ‘forever magic’ to it, as the ladies may gradually find themselves becoming more beautiful with each passing day.”