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Organic diet plans to stay healthy


Organic diet plans to stay healthy and fit

Organic food has a number of benefits. It is free from any kind of chemical and adulterated material. Hence it keeps you healthy and going. Now a day’s vegetables and fruits are exposed to various kinds of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides which can cause many harmful diseases. So to stay healthy and fit in such a world, you need to plan out a perfect diet for yourself. Your diet must be rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. So to help you, here we have some Organic Diet Plans to stay healthy.

Start your day:A healthy breakfast  for organic die

A healthy breakfast is a perfect start to an active day. Include some organic eggs (range-free) along with organic veggies such as spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms in your breakfast. You may also relish some energetic breakfast like, oats boiled in organic milk served with honey and organic berries and fruits.

 organic herbs and spices:

organic herbs and spices

Soak some kidney beans. Chop some canned tomatoes. Mix them together, and top them with organic herbs and spices. Enjoy this healthy non fattening protein rich meal as your dinner. Non veggies may add to it ground beef.

Snacks Time

healthy fats for your snacks

It is snacks time and you are craving for something delicious yet healthy! So here you go. You may consume some healthy fats for your snacks. Spread some organic nut butter on a brown bread and enjoy! You may also make your healthy mix of organic nuts, seeds and fruits (dried) and top them with few spices.

Smack your lips

organic yogurt topped with raw cocoa beans and coconut

You are tired and hungry. Are you looking for a healthy solution?! Here we have an organic diet plan to stay healthy. Relish a variety of organic yogurt topped with raw cocoa beans and coconut. Or here you have another tasty option. Rice cakes with avocado and organic cheese!

Spinach mix

Organic spinach is one of the healthiest vegetable

Organic spinach is one of the healthiest vegetable. But just boiled spinach with few spices tastes a bit blunt and sad. But it is important to eat spinach. Do not worry. You can relish organic spinach ravioli along with some salad, or organic spinach with feta chicken sausage along with couscous and veggies. You may take it as any time meal.

We do not want you to compromise with your health .So here we have provided you with organic diet plans to stay healthy. Organic food now days are readily available and affordable too. So you may plan a meal at a pocket friendly budget. So hurry up to a grocery shop with your shopping bags, and plan an organic diet chart now. Remember your health is your wealth!