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Make up tips even after marriage


 Make up tips even after marriage

Got married and want to look like a fairy princess every day. Let me tell you that its super easy and takes 10-15 minutes, initially, and with practice in no time you’ll be all ready.


Start with cleansing your face so that there is no residue or dirt left. Gently wash your face with a cleanser to have clean skin.


Moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer. Take a small amount and apply small dots all over and gently massage all over the face. It moisturizes and hydrates your skin and ensures an even and long lasting application of Makeup


Foundation gives you an even tone and gives an illusion of flawless skin. Go to any good beauty store and ask for foundation that matches your skin tone. Using clean hands – apply foundation on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Using your fingers, sponge or brush – blend it well. Blending is the key step here so take your time to create a flawless finish

Blush On

Adding a Blush on your face will give a youthful glow. Pink and Apricot are most suited for Indian skin tones. Use a foundation brush and buff the blush in the skin and then apply one more layer. Keep buffing till you get desired intensity.

Lip Color

For Indian Skin Tones (Medium to olive tones) try neutral colours such as apricots, beiges and nudes. To avoid over-doing, take a good sheer color and apply on your lips. You can use a Lip Stick – start from center and follow the natural arch of lips to the corner of lips. Repeat on the opposite sides.

Eye Liner

Your Eye Pencil helps you achieve a dramatic look and you will stand out nice and pretty among other females. Outline your upper lid to have a natural and subtle look but if you want to add a dramatic and sexy touch, you can outline upper eyelid and lower eyelid both. You can use Brown, Black, Blue, Purple, or Green Color Eye Pencil.

That finishes your look and you’re all ready to look beautiful for the day. Keep smiling since you’re just about to get lots of compliments for your beautiful look.