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How to Make Nail Paint Last Longer


How to Make Nail Paint Last Longer

Getting your nails done at the parlour cannot be possible when your days are busy. But there is no reason to fret, as we have a guide for you to have longer lasting nail paint to make your nails look freshly manicured all the time.

Prepare your nails first

Unclean, oily nails can be a major reason behind your nail paint chipping quickly. For this, you can add some shampoo in lukewarm water and soak your fingers in it. You can even dip your nails in vinegar for 2-3 minutes and wash them later. This will remove all the grime or oiliness. The best way however, is to wipe your nails with nail paint remover even if your nails are polish-free. This will ensure that the nails are absolutely clean and dry.

How to Make Nail Paint Last Longer

Apply a base coat

Apply a clear base coat first. This protects the nail paint from getting smudged and helps it stick on better and longer. Ensure there are no air bubbles while you apply the base coat. Smooth out the coat evenly. Bubbles, if present, will give a shabby effect when your nails are done.

Apply thin coats

Once your base coat has dried, apply your preferred nail colour as one thin layer. Avoid shaking the nail paint bottle too much, as it will add air bubbles to the paint. Make sure there are no bubbles on your nail. If so, don’t hesitate to start the process again by using your nail paint remover.

Apply thin coats

Avoid too many layers

The secret to a long lasting nail colour is thin layers of paint. If you apply blobs of colour and wait for it to dry, there will definitely be bubbles and smudging. Apply thin coats instead, and allow drying time between coats. This will give even, smooth and professionally done nails.

Do not forget the top coat

Colouring your nails can never be complete without a top coat. It is as important as the base coat. Apply a very thin coat of clear paint to complete the look. Slightly brush top coats on and around the edges and it will work as an extra seal against chipping. To prolong the life of your nail paint, you should apply the top coat again after a couple of days.

 Let it dry

Be very patient while your nail paint dries. It is very important for the paint to dry completely for it to last long. Even a tiny wet spot can ruin all your effort. So, the best thing to do would be apply your nail paint, sit back and watch a TV show to give it 30-40 minutes to completely dry.

Quick Tip: Once dry, your nail paint is best maintained with the application of a few drop of olive oil.

Stay away from too much art

This might sound silly, but it is the key if you wish to have longer-lasting nail colour. More than one colour, too much artistic detailing done with the paint, stick-ons, etc. do look pretty but do not last as long as a neatly done single shade. Save the nail art for your wedding day or when you get them professionally done.

Stay away from too much art

Try shimmery colours

Shimmery or glittery nail paint is very difficult to remove. If you wish to have the neatly done, manicured look for longer periods, try applying thin coats of shimmery paint- either clear or in colour. It is bound to stay longer than regular nail paint.

Beautifully done, pretty looking nails complete your look, and nail colour is an important part of it. Having the nail paint last for a long time makes an elaborate manicure worth the effort, doesn’t it? So, keep these simple tips in mind next time you colour your nails.