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Learn how to Do Your Makeup like celebrity


Learn how to Do Your Makeup like celebrity

This may educate you the important thing methods to getting your make-up to look.

  1. Use concealer. Concealer is an important product for this make-up look. You’ll be able to apply concealer along with your fingertips or a foundation brush. Ensure your brushes usually are not used or clean. Apply to your face, particularly on blemishes.
  1. Apply darkish and smoky-coloured eye shadows and colours like darkish green, black, gray, darkish purple, or navy blue. Make it smoky and go nearly to the forehead bone, however not quite.
  1. Put on black, liquid eyeliner on the upper lid, and black pencil eyeliner on the lower lid. Put on the eyeliner straight and sometimes wing out the upper lid liner.
  1. Put on black mascara. You wish to add quantity to your lashes moderately than thicken or lengthen them. Make certain it’s darkish mascara, and begin on the roots of your lashes and work your method up.
  1. Add some darkish lip liner to your whole lips, or simply the outer components of your lips. Learn below for extra lip suggestions!
  1. Add darkish lipstick, and typically black. Make sure to know that some darkish lipsticks could be too overwhelming on gentle pores and skin, however you may add extra darkish make-up to get a good make-up theme.
  1. If you wish to, you may simply put on plain lip-gloss. Additionally, you’ll be able to add lip liner to all your lips and put some lip-gloss over. Steer clear of shimmer and glittery glosses. Go for a extra delicate, shiny look.


  • Put on smoky, darkish eye shadows.
  • Put on black, thickening mascara.
  • Steer clear of shimmery and glittery lip glosses.
  • Apply black pencil eyeliner on the decrease lid.
  • If attainable, add blue stripes to your hair.
  • Add some darker make-up to your routine to even out with the lipstick.
  • Apply concealer for this look.
  • Have lip liner that’s two shades darker than your lipstick, until it’s black lipstick.
  • Keep on with darkish lipsticks.
  • Put on black liquid eyeliner on the higher lid.