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Get Flawless and Smooth Bikini Area


Get Flawless and Smooth Bikini Area

Whether you are going for a pool party or a honeymoon at a beach destination, bikini is one piece that you have for long been waiting to don, right? All through the winters you have worked hard to get that toned look, by maintaining a strict fitness and diet regime. But, there is one thing that can play a total spoilsport to your plans- dark and dull looking bikini area.

Well, this is especially something that every bride-to-be dreads as it is; if for no other reason, then thinking of her first night. Let us give you a quick low-down on how to keep it smooth and silky down there during this sizzling season.

Cleansing and Hygiene

Beginning with the basics, here are a few things related to the hygiene of this sensitive area that you should always remember:

Start with cleansing

The comfort takes the priority when we talk about the bikini area. Excessive sweating can lead to infection, so you should always keep the area clean. Pick a mild cleanser, which is not very harsh on this sensitive area and keeps it infection-free at the same time.

Use wet wipes

During the day, you can also use wet wipes to keep the area clean and nourished. The wet wipes are not only handy for this purpose (as they can easily be stacked in your handbag), but they also leave you feeling rejuvenated. Plus, they keep the bikini area disinfected.

 Powder power

It is important to keep the area dry, as excessive sweating can cause infections, rashes or skin irritation during the hot months. Puffing the area well with a fragrance-free powder can help absorb the excessive moisture. A baby powder is an ideal pick in this case.

Cotton cool

Cool and super comfortable, cotton lingerie is perfect for the summer months. It keeps you at ease throughout the day, and is absolutely kind to the skin.

Get Wonderful With Waxing

For many women, the summer beauty regimen is incomplete without a bikini wax. It not just gives you freedom from those unwanted hair, but also gets you beach-ready in your body flattering swimwear. Moreover, hair in the bikini area can lead to bacteria build up, due to humidity and excessive sweating.

Let us have a look at varied hair removing techniques, and things to keep in mind before getting a bikini wax done:

Hot and Cold Wax

The most commonly used options for bikini wax, hot and cold wax are time tested and trusted options for the upkeep of this area. However, it is important to go to a professional for waxing.

Rica and Aloe Vera Wax

Mild and soothing, these waxes are less painful for the skin and give you smooth fell in minutes. They also help in getting rid of the in-grown hair.

Points to Remember

Here are a few points you must remember, to make the procedure less painful and more hygienic for you:

  • The aesthetician should apply the wax in the direction of the hair, and pull it out from the opposite direction; otherwise your hair growth will go for a toss. This also makes the procedure less painful.
  • Always stress upon using a pre-wax lotion, which helps minimize pulling and tugging of the skin during waxing; and post-wax lotion, which disinfects the area after waxing.
  • Make sure fresh wax is being used for the bikini area.
  • Ask the aesthetician to use a disposal spatula to avoid infection.
  • Avoid using razors for that sensitive area as it can cause infection, increases in grown hair and make the hair growth dense.

Permanent hair removal

Already popular around the world, Intense Pulsed Light is extremely safe and most widely recommended hair removal technique, especially for the bikini area. It gives you maximum coverage with minimum pain, or should say no-pain in comparison to other traditional waxing methods. It doesn’t involve deep penetration and works smoothly on the hair.

Now, you know every way and trick to keep your bikini area not only clean, but also beautiful. So, are you ready to don that bikini with confidence?