Beautiful Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid Step by Step procedure for Women

The fishtail braid is an ideal approach to pull your hair back, but maintaining an aesthetic elegant look happening on the identical time. Listed here are 20 simple steps so that you can obtain this beautiful braid hair fashion for each woman.

fishtail braid step 1

fishtail braid 2

Fishtail Braid Step 1:Pull hair again together with your pointer fingers, as if you happen to have been going to put on your hair half up/half down.

fishtail braid 3

Fishtail Braid Step 2: Cut up gathered hair into two sections

fishtail braid 4

Fishtail Braid Step 3: Pull a piece of hair from part two; this will likely be piece three in the meanwhile.

fishtail braid 5

Fishtail Braid Step 4: Cross piece three over part two.

fishtail braid 6

Fishtail Braid Step 5: Be a part of piece three with part one. Piece three can also be now part one.

fishtail braid 7

Fishtail Braid Step 6: Pull a piece of hair out from part one; this can be piece 4 in the meanwhile.

fishtail braid 8

Fishtail Braid Step 7: Cross piece 4 over part one.

Fishtail Braid Step 8

Fishtail Braid Step 8: Be part of piece 4 with part two. Piece 4 can be now part two.

Fishtail Braid Step 9: Maintain each sections one and two in your left hand. Utilizing your proper pointer finger pull a piece of hair up from the proper side of your head from the hair hanging down; as in case you are pulling hair to French braid.

Fishtail Braid Step 10: Cross this new piece over part two.

Fishtail Braid Step 9

Fishtail Braid Step 11: Be part of this new, crossed piece with part one.

Fishtail Braid Step 12: Repeat steps 9 by eleven, only maintain sections one and two in your proper hand and utilizing your left pointer finger pull a bit of hair from the left aspect of your head from the hair hanging down; as in the event you had been French braiding.


Fishtail Braid Step 12

Fishtail Braid Step 13: Pull sections one and two away from one another as when you have been tightening a pony tail. (Don’t fear concerning the finish result being too tight. This type of braid all the time finds its approach to change into free.)

Fishtail Braid Step 13

Fishtail Braid Step 14: Hold repeating steps 9 by way of 13 and tightening till you possibly can’t pull any extra hair hanging down and tighten.

Fishtail Braid Step 14

Fishtail Braid Step 15

Fishtail Braid Step 15: Similar to start with of the tutorial you will pull a bit of hair out of part two, only from the back/underside of part two.

Fishtail Braid Step 16

Fishtail Braid Step 16: Cross this new piece of hair over part two.

Fishtail Braid Step 17

Fishtail Braid Step 17: Be a part of the brand new piece of crossed hair with part one.

Fishtail Braid Step 18: Repeat steps fifteen by way of seventeen solely pull the piece of hair out of the back/underside of part one. Cross over the brand new piece over part one and be a part of it with part two.


HERE IS A TIP! Make sure that to maintain tightening the braid, in any other case it is going to fall too much

Fishtail Braid Step 19: Proceed fishtail all the way in which down and safe with a pony tail holder.

Fishtail Braid Step 20: In the direction of the underside of the fishtail braid the place you stopped pulling items from the hair that was hanging down could also be a little bit too unfastened. Utilizing bobby pins clear up any free hairs that you really want tucked in.

fishtail braid

You now have a fishtail braid! You possibly can even add coloured hair extensions so as to add slightly spice into the braid! Joyful Braiding!