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Bridal Beauty – how to prepare the week before wedding


Bridal Beauty – how to prepare the week before wedding

We polled hundreds of wedding beauty experts for their top tips for brides who want to put their best face forward. As the wedding day approaches, a series of things start screaming for a bride’s attention. From last minute shopping to crucial trousseau fixes, the list seems to get never-ending. And, often this rush and chaos forces a bride’s skin care to take a back seat. So, here is 7-days skin and body care regimen that will get the soon-to-be bride, a complexion that is nothing less than perfect.

Day 7 for Wedding

Bridal Beauty - How to Week before the Wedding

Ditch the last minute rush by adding body bleach to your Day 7 plan. Body bleach requires a good amount of time, so getting it done a few days before the wedding is a good idea. Thereafter, soothe your pre-wedding jitters with an uplifting body massage. Calming the mind and relaxing the body, a massage is an excellent way to fight stress and mood swings that most brides experience during pre-wedding preparations.

Day 6 for Wedding

Wedding Day 6

Take some time off from the wedding shopping hullabaloo and hectic pre-wedding schedule to pamper yourself. Scrub your way to silky and smooth skin with an invigorating body scrub. The exfoliation will kick off dry and flaky skin thus, preparing the skin for the next step, a skin-nourishing body wrap. Combining mental relaxation and hydration of skin, the wrap will deeply condition the skin, giving it a perfect shine. Also, don’t forget to compliment your pampering session with a tension-busting head massage.

Day 5 for Wedding

Day 5 for wedding

Begin your beauty routine with full body wax. Making skin soft, smooth and tempting, waxing also helps in rejuvenating the skin. Besides your body, your hair also needs proper attention. A flattering hair colour can do wonders to your hair and whole look. It will accentuate your eyes and perk up the skin tone, ensuring a glamorous you on the wedding day. Go for a hue that is within two shades (lighter or darker) of your natural hair colour. It will also ensure that the colour settles down well before the D-day, giving your hair a natural and refreshing makeover. If you don’t wish to go with a full head colour, a few highlights or lowlights will add vivacity to your hair. A hint of red hue on the hair tips is the latest trend in vogue this season.

 Day 4 for Wedding

Day 4 for Wedding

Prepare your hair for a perfect hair-do with an energizing hair spa. Besides deep conditioning, it also lends hair a healthy sheen. After that go for facial bleach, this will enhance the glow. Follow it with a skin-illuminating facial (like gold facial), that will deeply moisturise the skin, making it shine. Get upper lips done and eyebrows shaped to give an ideal finish to your day full of pampering.

Day 3 for Wedding

Day 3 for Wedding

The wedding celebrations have begun and it is your ‘mehendi’ tonight. Treat yourself with another pampering session of aromatherapy body massage. It will soothe your tensed muscles and stressed mind. Your hands and feet too deserve pampering, as they will be in focus. So, indulge in a luxurious manicure and pedicure. If you are thinking of getting a haircut, you should get it done today, as it usually takes a day to settle down.

Day 2 for Wedding

Day 2 for Wedding

It is the day of ‘shagan’ (engagement ceremony) and you want to look fresh and glowing. While most brides choose not to go for heavy makeup on this occasion, one can easily give a touch of uniqueness to one’s look with fantasy makeup. A distinctive art adorning the areas like naval, back and arms would add charm to your look. It is also the day when your hands enjoy a lot of limelight. Since rings are exchanged, a bride’s hands draw a lot of attention. Enhance the beauty of your hands with luxurious nail art. Ramp up your glamour quotient with an elegant hairstyle, complimented by a statement hair accessory.

 Day 1 – On Wedding Day

Beautiful Wedding Day

The day of your dreams have come. Give your bridal journey a head start with a refreshing hair wash, sit back and enjoy your bridal makeup. Adorn your nails with Swarovski to give them hint of opulence.

These were some of the bridal beauty essentials before the wedding. Make sure you strike a perfect balance between an alluring makeup, a ravishing hair-do adorned with fresh flower or bold and beautiful hair accessory and a stylishly draped ensemble.