Twisted Bun Hairstyle

Beautiful Hairstyle – Double Twisted Bun

All you have to do is hover your pointer over the photo and you will see a red-and-white “Pin It” button on the top left corner of it! If you click that button, you can immediately pin that hairstyle photo onto your Pinterest boards! Now you have an easier reference spot for all your favorite Hair styles! Updo hairstyle really is not complicated at all, and I only classify it at a medium skill level because getting the bun in the back to secure can be a little tricky.

I have found that Goody Spin Pins work well, and then I use a few extra bobby pins to take care of any of the loosies! Today’s hair tutorial will teach you a quick and simple way to get your hair off your neck this summer. It’s a bit more “done” than just a ponytail, without taking too many steps! You can absolutely do this style w/ straight, curly, or wavy hair, but I’d recommend having hair that reaches your collarbone at the very least.