Fabulous flawless skin

10 Simple Tips for Fabulous Flawless Skin

A flawless skin is an ultimate desire of every girl. Every girl wishes to look flawless and dreams of a healthy skin. You cannot use make up always to conceal the flaws of your skin. Moreover, if your skin is flawless you do not need any make up. You must therefore take a proper care of your skin to look good and to keep it flawless. Here are the 10 simple tips for fabulous flawless skin.

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising:-

Girls, never ever forget this mantra if you desire a flawless skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must in order to keep your skin flawless. Cleanse your skin using a mild cleanser with warm water. You must also tone your skin to maintain the PH level. The toning should be done immediately after the cleansing. Toning is then followed by moisturising and you must select a moisturiser that suits the texture of your skin. CTM should be done twice a day.

Exfoliating the skin:-

Many a times, we forget to exfoliate the skin which results in various skin issues. How can a skin look good if there are many dead cells already attached to it? You must therefore regularly exfoliate your skin in order to keep it clean. There are many scrubs available in the market and you can exfoliate your skin and remove the dead cells with the help of these scrubs. Exfoliating the skin should be done twice a week.


This is one of the top 10 simple tips for fabulous flawless skin. You must put a sunscreen always before going out in the sun. This sunscreen becomes a barrier between you and the sun thereby protecting your skin from various harmful rays of the sun. A sunscreen containing at least an SPF 30 must be applied 15 minutes prior going to the sun. You must reapply the sunscreen in every 3 hours if you are still in the contact with the sun.

Good quality products:-

Here is where everybody fails. While choosing your cosmetics, you must also consider the brand of the product. A good and a reliable brand are highly recommended in order to protect your skin from various flaws. You must therefore choose a fine and reliable brand for your cosmetics. Always enquire about the brand and its product if you plan to try a new one.

Quit smoking:-

Smoking is the root of all the skin evils. It not only affects our lungs, but our skin too. The results are dark circles, puffy eyes, skin pigmentation, dark lips, etc. Thus, to keep yourself over a happier side, you must quit smoking at the earliest. Always remember, smoking is nothing but injurious.

Go organic:-

Natural ways and means for your skin are the best treatment for your skin. Organic means is one of the top 10 simple tips for fabulous flawless skin. You must therefore use all the organic products for your skin. Aromatherapy and Ayurveda are totally organic and thus can be used for the skin. You can also use home-made packs in order to prevent your skin from unwanted flaws.

Eat healthy:-

A healthy diet is a boon. You must eat healthy in order to keep your body fit and your skin glowing. Apt for a rich and a healthy diet for a flawless skin. Include the intake of high proteins and vitamins into your diet. Avoid too much of oil in your food and most important, avoid eating junk food. This is one of the best 10 simple tips for fabulous flawless skin.

Drink a lot of water:-

Water is very essential for the skin as water keeps our skin hydrated. This is the easiest of the 10 simple tips for fabulous flawless skin. You must drink a lot of water in order to protect your skin from various flaws. Drink a glass of water right after waking up.


Exercise keeps our body as well as skin healthy. Therefore, a light exercise is a must. Include a light exercise in your daily routine to get a flawless skin. Walking and running also works.

Adequate sleep:-

An adequate sleep of at least six hours is highly recommended for a flawless and a glowing skin. You must therefore sleep peacefully fot at least six hours.

Further, you must avoid stress as stress is also a root of various evils and has adverse effects on the skin. A healthy skin is a happy skin. Try these 10 simple tips for fabulous flawless skin and look great. Because you deserve to look good.