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10 Incredible Beauty Secrets of Ancient India that Every Modern Women Must Know


10 Incredible Beauty Secrets  of  Modern Women Must Know

Indian women are considered the most beautiful women in the world. Their skin tone and sharp features amaze everyone. In ancient times when there were no beauty parlors and cosmetic treatments yet the ladies managed to look drop dead gorgeous. There are many ancient beauty tricks and secrets that work wonders for skin. There are many beauty secrets of ancient India that every modern woman must know and follow to look beautiful.

Beauty Secret No. 1- Honey

Beauty Secret of Honey1

Honey is the best beauty secret. It was used by ancient ladies to moisturise their skin. Honey helps to retain the moisture of skin. It also provides moisture to the skin. It can be used as a cream or with apricot as face pack.

Beauty Secret No. 2- Rose Water

Beauty secret of rose water

Rose water is a natural astringent every modern woman should swear by. It helps in closing the pores and also tones the skin. It also slows down skin ageing.

Beauty Secret No. 3- Gram Flour and Wheat Husk

Ancient ladies used gram flour and wheat husk mixed with the milk to cleanse their skin. Wheat husk has an abrasive effect on the dermis that helps to clean the skin and making it brighter.

Beauty Secret No. 4- Starch, husk and cream

Another ancient beauty secret is, rubbing the body with starch, husk and cream and then rinsing the body with water. Ladies used to soak rose petals in the water overnight and then used to rinse their body with that water.  The starch helps in tightening the skin, the cream helps in giving nourishment and husk helps in the removal of dead skin cells. You can follow this secret to get a healthy and clear skin.

Beauty Secret No. 5- Henna Treatment

Henna treatment for Beautiful hair

Instead of following the modern trend of hair colouring, Indian women should follow the ancient method of colouring hair. Henna treatment is an incredible beauty secret of ancient India. Mix together henna, yoghurt, lemon juice and egg. Apply this paste on your hair. This is a great remedy to enhance hair growth, prevent hair fall and alopecia. It is also helpful in fighting dandruff.

Beauty Secret No. 6- Tea Leaves

To give a natural gloss to your hair, wash your hair with water that has been boiled with tea leaves. Boil water with tea leaves, strain the water and use it with lemon juice. This will give you shiny and smooth hair.

Beauty Secret No. 7- Turmeric

Turmeric for skin

Turmeric has numerous skin benefits. Since ancient times, turmeric has been used in Indian households in the form a mask known as ‘ubtan’. Mix together gram flour, turmeric, milk, rose water and a pinch of ground sandalwood. Apply it all over the face and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes. Lave your face with warm water.

Beauty Secret No. 8- Mustard seed oil

Mustard seed oil is great for hair. It accelerates hair growth, provide shine and conditioning to the hair.

Beauty Secret No. 9- Ayurveda

Ayurvedic beauty treatment3

Ayurveda has always been an integral art of India. There are many Ayurvedic beauty treatments and therapies that leave your skin smooth and hair healthy. There are many Ayurvedic beauty products easily available in the market that even modern Indian women should use instead of using expensive imported cosmetics.

Beauty Secret No. 10- Onion and Honey

If you are also suffering acne, try this ancient Indian beauty trick. Take the onion juice and honey in equal quantity. Mix them well and apply all over the face and wash it off after 15 minutes and see the difference.

To look beautiful, it’s not necessary to spend time in beauty salons. Swear by these beauty secrets of ancient India and look gorgeous without putting much effort.