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10 Bollywood Beauty Secrets you should follow


10 Bollywood Beauty Secrets you should follow

Each one of us loves the way some or the Bollywood actress looks, dresses up or carries herself. We think that they can look beautiful because they can afford expensive beauty treatments. But it is not so. Beautiful Bollywood actresses have their own secrets with which they manage to look beautiful as well as stay healthy. These secrets include everything from diet to make up and today, you will know some of those, so that you can also look like your favourite actress, and be a fan in true sense. Here are those secrets which you should know as well as follow.

Beauty secrets of bollywood actresses

  1. Eat healthy. The biggest key to look beautiful and stay fit is stay healthy. Include a       lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet and avoid fast foods as much as                 possible. This is the top most secret to look beautiful.
  2. You should also plan your diet, so that it works effectively. For this, you should             consult a nutritionist but the basic diet is something like a heavy breakfast, normal       meal and a light dinner. Do not eat dinner after sunset, if you want to maintain a        good figure.
  3. Along with a proper diet, exercise is also very necessary. Whenever you get tempted     to eat fast food, make sure you exercise in order to cut down those extra unwanted      fats. If you think beautiful bollywood actresses do not like fast food, that is not      true. It is just that they exercise in such a way that is does not affect them.
  4. Dressing up properly is another secret which makes bollywood actresses beautiful.         Make sure you wear clothes which fit you properly and suit your complexion.
  5. Wear makeup that suits you. Beautiful actresses never overdo their makeup. They     always keep it simple and natural because of which, they look good any time and         anywhere.
  6. Take good care of your skin. Make sure you clean your makeup every day before you     sleep. Put a good quality moisturiser which suits your skin, as it will help you keep       your skin soft and supple.
  7. Along with clothes and makeup, make sure you keep your hairstyle the way it suits       you. Tend to change your hairstyle. Apply oil to your hair, as it is the best to               maintain your hair, and your favourite actresses do this too.
  8. You should never compromise on your health or stay hungry in order to lose weight,     as no bollywood actress does so. Instead, follow a healthy diet because of which, you     will be healthy and beautiful, just like your favourite actress.
  9. Do yoga. Yoga is our traditional form of exercise which is more effective than               gymming because when you quit gymming, you tend to lose weight automatically.       Instead, go for a regular morning walk or bicycle ride, which will keep you healthy in     a better way.
  10. Maintain elegance and grace. Whenever you go out, do not forget basic                      sophistication. This is the way you will be able to leave your charm whenever and          wherever you go.